Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Termination

A Wholesale Termination service is a large capacity phone service consisting of a large voice circuit or multiple circuits for wholesale VOIP termination, voice termination, or wholesale SIP termination. Wholesale Termination is used by businesses engaged in telecommunications to provide voice transport for applications including phone service, video conferencing, fax, calling cards, and dial-up. Wholesale Termination providers offer a number of handoff types including VOIP, SIP, and ISDN PRI.

Why Businesses Choose Wholesale VoIP Termination?

VoIP technology has already stormed businesses as well as the public sector with its unprecedented utilities. Now it is the wholesale VoIP termination is an extension of VoIP technology that helps in completing the voice call in different countries at a much lower cost.

We can say they are gradually becoming the primary medium of communication (telephone) for representatives of both public as well as the business sector. There is a rising interest in the wholesale VoIP services as a reliable model of communication, thanks to their affordable pricing and flexible features.


Network Security


Reliable, Globally-Compliant Network

Our network is globally compliant, including PCI and STIR/SHAKEN.


Secure SIP Termination

Your global SIP service is protected by TLS and SRTP encryption, real-time traffic.


Award-Winning Customer Support

True network optimization doesn't stop infrastructure.

Advantages of choosing Wholesale Termination

user-friendly and time-saving option

The VoIP service provider not only takes care of the management of the complete system but also customizes according to the specific needs and requirements of respective clients. Since the client is not responsible for deploying or managing the system, they have a whole lot of time at hand to manage other important things.

It makes network expansion an easy job

One of the most common examples of such network expansion is the use of conference call feature by the clients, businessmen or business partners who travel around the world and carry a great urge of staying connected with their customers as well as colleagues. Also, there are employees who work from remote locations, out of the office but need to stay connected over the phone continuously.

VoIP systems offer seamless integration

Call recording feature can be easily implemented and additionally, one can also transcribe the customer messages into emails, and integration of call information analytics is easy. It eventually helps to figure out the scope of improvement in a strategic way. All of these contribute to improving the efficiency and productivity of business through making the communication complete.