Hosted Server

What is Hosted Server?

Server hosting is an IT service, typically offered by a cloud service provider, that provides remote access to off-premises virtual or physical servers and associated resources for a monthly subscription or usage-based price. Server hosting lets IT team provision and start using application and data servers without the up-front cost, delays, and labor of purchasing, setting up, managing, and maintaining physical server hardware themselves, on-site.

Why use server hosting?

While purchasing, installing, and configuring a server on-site can take weeks, a cloud service provider can provision, configure, and deliver a hosted application or data server in minutes, enabling you to bring the solutions powered by the server to market much faster. With onsite server hardware, scalability means overprovisioning servers to account for spikes and adding physical capacity as you grow. With server hosting, you can quickly scale up or down as needed for a nominal change in your subscription or usage cost.

Different Types of Server Hosting


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows different websites to share a single sever.


Cloud-Based Hosting

You determine the space and other resources you need in real-time.


Dedicated Server

It offers reliable power and flexibility but at a higher cost.


Reseller Hosting

The main reason for the popularity of reseller hosting is the prospect of low costs.


Virtual Private Server

shared hosting and getting your own dedicated machine.


Colocation Hosting

The significant role of the colocation host is to provide an enabling environment.

Choosing the right server hosting model

Selecting the best server hosting solution for your organization means weighing the following factors: Performance, Flexibility and scalability