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Money is such a term where you need to be alert and be wise. A canny person is the one who always knowIf you are a call center then what is the second thing that you need after dialing a customer call? That is to record your call for quality purpose. So what you usually do is to make a call and when a call is connected, you click on the “play” button of your call center recording software and record a call. So what happens when you forgot to click on the start button? You will not be able to get its recording when there is a dire situation of getting that particular recording for some specific issue! Forgetting something is a human nature so the possibility of “Forgot to record” will always be present. So why not get an automatic recorder where you don’t need to manually record the call at all?s “How much he has”. We understand your requirement, hence we offer you a transparent Billing portal where you are always aware of your balance. The money that you had spent and the remaining amount are always provided to you with just a single click.

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Get Your Recording Portal

it makes things easy for you as it understand all your buy ambien online needs and provide the best solution! Now you don’t need to manually record any of your calls as Dialer360 offers Recording Portal where calls are automatically recorded when connected to customer.its recording portal gives you 100% security of your recordings and guarantee you its backup at any time. So even if you have mistakenly deleted a specific recording or your system is not free to find a particular recording, you can find it on our server. We ensures you that your data will always be secured and safe. Not only that, you can also search your recordings within second by any method of your choice. Search your recordings with lead name, number or date!